They will provide a course on legal and accounting aspects of cryptomonies in Argentina

The Blockchain technology is enabling new ways of relationship that fully impact the legal and accounting environment

Crypto Resources will be offering a course on legal and accounting aspects of cryptomonies in Argentina from 11 November. Cointelegraph en Español spoke with the organisers, who provided further details about this initiative.

The classes will be held in virtual mode, are live and then recorded to be uploaded to an On-Line campus where students can see them again. Those interested in registering can do so here.

„Blockchain technology is enabling new ways of relationship that fully impact the legal and accounting environment. Those of us who are part of the ecosystem know that there is currently no single, orderly regulation regarding this technology, but rather that its analysis is currently very complex“, explained Crypto Resources.

„In this somewhat chaotic state of affairs, at Crypto Resources we are developing a course that manages to convey existing regulations, jurisprudence, international standards and good practices, while highlighting the areas of freedom that persist and which, by design of this technology, will persist“, they added later.

This course is mainly oriented to legal or accounting professionals who are evaluating participating in a Blockchain project, or increasing its scope. Also, it is useful for traders and businessmen who want to learn how to correctly implement cryptomonies in their fields.

About the teachers of the course

The teachers on the course have extensive experience, and are

Gonzalo Balderrama: Lawyer specialised in financial regulation, RegTech and Compliance. Certified by the IFCA-AAEC-ASCOM. He was CCO in Ripio, Galicia Seguros, Al Mundo and others.

Marcos Zocaro: Public Accountant (UNLP), Taxation Specialist (UNLP) and Master in Provincial and Municipal Public Finance (UNLP). He works as a consultant, university lecturer at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, speaker at tax courses and conferences, and writes articles for professional newspapers and magazines. He is a researcher at CEAT (FCE-UBA). Author of the book: „Una Bolsa de Impuestos“ (A Tax Exchange)

Ismael Lofeudo: Lawyer (UNLP), specialist in Computer Law (UBA). Vice-President of the Argentine Association of Computer Law (ADIAr) and member of the Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies. Teacher of the seminar „Computer Law“ (UNLP). He is a speaker at the Digital Services Department of the Buenos Aires Province Revenue Agency and a member of the DtecDeal team (which provides contractual solutions through Smart Contracts) of the Derito law firm.

Gladys Stoppani: Lawyer (UCA), Master in Administrative Law (Austral) with a postgraduate degree in Data warehousing-Data mining- Big data (FCE-UBA). President and founder of the Argentine chapter of WOCSA (Worldwide Open Cyber Security Association) and member of CEFCYS (Cercle des Femmes de la CyberSécurité). She was an analyst and advisor at the UIF and the National Tax Directorate of the Ministry of Economy, etc. She is currently an advisor to the Honorable Chamber of Senators of the Nation on matters of her specialty.

Susana G. Raya: Accountant (UNC). Director and Head of the Consultora Integral de Empresas S.G.R. Consulting. Founder of the Firm STINGRAY & CO based in Malaga, Spain. Advisor specialised in National Taxes with postgraduate studies in Business Finance and Capital Markets.

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